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Golf Shot Tips for Getting Out of the Rough

Every golfer finds themselves in rough at some point during a round of golf. Many recreational golfers, in their frustration in being there and their haste to get out, simply grab a club and start hacking. However, this is the time to take a few deep breaths and analyze the situation.

The Ways To Learn the Techniques in Golf

It is good that you are picking up on Golf. But let us tell you that it is not so easy as you think it is to learn to achieve a perfect swing without having to learn the technique and practice it. This game is one of the most frustrating sports in the world, so staying focused and getting better is the key.

Choosing Your Golf Cart Caravan

In every game, golf cart caravans work so hard running for miles each day carrying heavy loads from one point to another and they thread through rugged terrains. So they also need to be given special attention and special care. If they are simply ignored, you will find that they will have to replace them frequently.

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Don’t worry about playing position golf, you can still slice the ball if you are in the right positions. Focus instead on having your hands get your arms in line with the shaft. When your hands get out of line they will take the rest of your swing with it. But not if you practice with your Medicus dual hinge.

How to Play From Uphill and Downhill Lies

Golf is played in nature. We don’t have a consistent playing surface to hit the ball off of. Rolls and dips in the fairway are part of the game. When your golf ball is sitting on ground that is not level, a few adjustments to your setup and your swing are all you need to hit a shot as good as one from a perfect, level lie.

How To Play From Sidehill Lies

To be a complete golfer, a player needs to know how to play the ball off an uneven lie. The main difficulty in golf is that we hit the ball of the ground, not while it’s in the air. When the ball is not at the same level as our feet, complications arise. Playing a shot with the ball either above or below your feet is common. Here’s how to play it well.

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Review

The Orange Whip golf swing trainer is specifically designed to teach you the basic fundamentals of a natural golf swing motions. By increasing your flexibility, core muscle strength, coordination and tempo, the Orange Whip will help you to significantly add both distance and accuracy to your drives.

Why Women Should Spend Time In Buying Ladies Golf Shoes

They say that warriors are only as effective as their clothing, and this is probably the reason why ladies golf shoes are of utmost importance for women golf enthusiasts. Neophytes of the sport think that apparel might be a trivial thing to affect the way people play the game, but experts know differently. In fact, experts would even go as far as saying that golf shoes are crucial to maintain a balanced game.

Why To Invest In Ecco Golf Shoes

If you are on the market for a new pair of golf shoes, it is important to do your research to find the best pair at the best price. While some believe that golf shoes do not ultimately affect a golfer’s performance, studies have shown that with the right pair of shoes golfers can achieve maximum flight and airtime. While you still must practice and perfect your golf swing, investing the right golf shoes will definitely make a difference in terms of traction and comfort. Understand how investing in Ecco golf shoes can benefit you and choose a brand you can trust.

Golfers: Don’t Copy Your Practice Swing

Many golfers have a practice swing they think would land them on the tour if they could only hit the ball with it. “Why is my practice swing so much better than my real swing?” they ask. “Why can’t I hit the ball with that swing?” Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t. That swing might feel good and look good, but then it might not be worth a dime for hitting a golf ball.

Golf Instruction: Your Own Golf Teaching and Drills Book: “My5rules”

If you listen to good players or to Golf Playing Professionals when they give interviews then they all tell you the same. They all keep records of their game and individual practice sessions with and without their Teaching Pro. They do it because they know that they cannot have their Teaching Pro on their side every day to help them if they do not hit the ball or play as well as they want to.

Sandbagger Golf Shoes for Women – The Bestselling Sandbaggers of 2011

Sandbagger golf shoes for women are very comfortable and fashionable. They are perfect for lady golfers who are serious with their game and are very trendy. Most women who play golf are as conscious on how they look on the course as they are with improving their game.

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