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Golf Club – What’s the Proper Length?

Many golfers often wonder if they are using the proper length golf club. I remember when I first started playing, I was on the range one day with a new driver I received as a gift and found myself spraying balls all over the place, finally, a fellow golfer mentioned he thought maybe my club was too long for just starting out. I thought about this and it pointed me on a journey to find out exactly what length my club should be.

How Do Pro Golfers Hit the Ball So Far?

It’s a question that is commonly asked by amateurs who just simply can’t fathom how somebody can crush the ball so far down the fairway! The thing is if you meet these guys, you’re realise that they’re just human and aren’t built like brick houses either!

7 Golf Tips to Lower Your Golf Score

We play golf when doing business deals, as much as we do it for fun. Regardless of how great you may be at the game, there is always room for improvement. Fortunately, these golf tips will help you to lower your golf score and increase the fun!

6 Critical Fundamentals That Help You Learn to Play Golf Better

There are 6 Golf Swing Basics that you must know and improve upon constantly in order to Learn to Play Golf Better. Most Golf Teaching Professionals only focus on 3 of these! In this article you will find out what the Golf Swing Basics are in order to improve upon all 6 and become a better golfer rapidly.

Golf Tips Stance – How to Have a Great One

A great golf stance can be the foundation of a great swing. However, without a proper stance consistency will be next to impossible. This short article will help describe and teach a great golf stance.

A Golf Swing Trainer Can Put You in the Groove

A Golf Swing Trainer Can Put You in the Groove Repetition is the key to a great golf swing. Being able to repeat the swing over and over under a variety of conditions is essential to consistently shooting low rounds. Professional golfers practice for hours every day to groove their swings and while that isn’t possible for most amateurs there are a few short cuts that can help train you to swing properly.

2 Important Characteristics of the Best Golf Shoes – Read This Before You Buy a Golf Shoe

Wearing the right golf apparel can have a large impact on how much you enjoy your game of golf; the right apparel includes all the standard golf kits that would enhance your overall game play in one way or the other. In this write up, the golf apparel we shall be concentrating on is the golf shoe, we shall be discussing two important characteristics of the best golf shoes, it is very important that you look out for these characteristics in a golf shoe.

Golf Game Secrets Revealed

Folks from several walks of life have took on the game of golf, for numerous yrs. A lot of additional categories of folks play this golf game nowadays, which at first was called a game of the elite group. A large number of tournaments are accommodated to appeal and promote additional folks to join the golf game. Not only gentlemen, but women also take equal pride to swing the ball and show a outstanding performance. Whenever you look around, you’ll encounter a lot of golf-clubs coming forth in all the corners and nooks from the world, entirely to demonstrate and enjoy for the game of golf, which is expanding daily.

A Few Things You Must Consider Before Picking the Perfect Ladies Golf Shoes

Golf nowadays has become a game for ladies as much as it is a game for the male folks, therefore, various masculine golf game gears and apparels have their replicas in the feminine fold as well. In this write up, we shall take a look at a few things you must consider before picking the perfect ladies golf shoes.

Better Golf For Beginners – How to Get Started

If you are a new player who doesn’t like the sound of shooting 100, and want to play better, golf for beginners should be considered in 3 distinct phases: Learning the Game, Learning the Swing, and Improving Your Play. We’ll take a brief look at each.

Do Golf Shoes Really Make That Much of a Difference?

Do golf shoes really make that much of a difference? Questions like this and many more similar questions have been regularly asked online by those who are still not convinced about the positive impact a good golf shoe (not just an ordinary one) can have on their golf games. A straight answer to that question would simply be yes.

Can Golf Shoes Help to Improve My Swing?

Can golf shoes help to improve my swing? Yes, good shoes especially made for the game of golf will definitely help you to improve your swing. Golf is one of such sports where the quality of sports gear and apparel that you put on impacts positively or negatively in your overall game performance.

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