The worlds LONGEST golf driver! (WARNING!!!)

Using the Proper Golf Swing Goes a Long Way

A lot of people go out golfing for fun. Very few of us ever get good at golf. The main reason why is we never actually learn the basics, such as learning the proper golf swing.

Is a Golf Slice Slamming Your Game?

When I started this love affair for this game almost 2 years ago now, I could not hit the ball straight at all. I thought that if I hit the ball as hard as I could it must fly straight, how wrong was I! The harder I tried to hit it the more it sliced. I did get so frustrated and still do to some extent.

The Most Important Golf Club

A brief discussion of golf clubs and their uses. And, why some are scoring clubs and some are penalty clubs.

Perfect Putting Stroke to Lower Your Score by 12 Strokes!

The perfect putting stroke has several factors included in it. Learn these factors here and lower you score by 12 shots.

Golf Swing Basics – Achieving the Basic Golf Swing of Pro Golfers

Achieving a correct golf swing takes a lot of time and tons of practice. It is useful to take note of how the pro golfers swing their club at the ball. The tips below will allow you to take pleasure in your basic golf swing but you must give yourself time to work on them.

Find a Caddy You Trust

When you are actually playing golf on a regular basis, it really helps you on the course to find a caddy you trust. When you are playing golf, you will not only be walking a great distance throughout the day you will need to cart your bag around.

Golf – Long Distance Drives Are Possible For Anyone!

Imagine a month from now and you’re on the first tee. You set up your ball, go through your mental preparation then launch the ball down the fairway like a professional golfer! Imagine the look on the faces of your playing partners! From all the different parts of golf, long-distance drives are what everyone wants. The good news is, with the right practice you can soon be a master of long drive golf!

10 Things You Need to Know About Golf GPS Systems

This article deals with Golf GPS Systems and the things you should about them. Things like how they work, are they legal to use in tournament play and other important aspects of them.

Golf Cart Heaters – A Must For Golfers

Chilly winters can spoil the wonderful game of golf. Even during the early morning hours or during late evenings, the cold can be a dampener for any golfer. To combat the cold it has become a must for every golfer to possess a golf cart heater in order to stay warm and loose out of the course.

Playing Golf With the Use of Training Aids

Players who are seen to easily hit the golf ball perfectly as they swing their club, have often honed their skills over a long period of time. Such ability can be developed with the help of golfing aids as well as friendly advice and playing tips on improving your game from fellow golfers.

Tai Chi Can Help Your Golf Game

If you have ever seen a newscast of workers in China exercising en masse at the beginning of their day then you have seen a demonstration of tai chi chuan in action. Tai chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts characterize primarily by slow motion movements.

Golf Swing Slice – How to Correct It

Usually, the most common mistake that a golf player can commit would be the golf swing slice. This mistake is common among new golf players but professional players can also commit this mistake especially if they are reckless in doing their shots. This mistake is often frustrating because it greatly affects the scores of your golf game.

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