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Bunker Play – Five Tips to Master the Sand Chip For Duffers

Do you struggle with bunker play? Can you get out in one shot? Learn this uncommon technique to help you escape in just one shot for certain. Gain confidence and save strokes with this tip for better bunker play.

Playing in the Sally Golf Tournament

The Sally Golf Tournament is well on its way to hitting the century mark. Started in 1926, it’s the oldest amateur women’s golf tournament in the world. Although this tournament is more formally known as the Women’s South Atlantic Amateur Championship, most golfers continue to refer to it as the Sally. In 2010 the tournament will be played from January 13-16.

How to Lower Your Golf Scores by Getting Out of Trouble Faster

We all get into trouble during a round of golf. Doesn’t matter if you’re a scratch golfer or a 25 handicap. It happens just about every round.

Golf Swing Lessons Make a Difference

The benefits of golf swing lessons have been proved time and again. There is nothing that can take the place of personal lessons from a professional golf instructor. Instructors are usually affiliated to golf clubs and members simply book to make an appointment.

Sevam1 – Connect Your Golf Swing to the Ground

Most good golf instructors will tell you that the golf swing starts from the ground up. I’ve heard it a million times, and you have too. What does that really mean? Sevam1 opens eyes with a bombshell.

Red and Yellow Hazard Stakes – What Do They Mean?

Most people who play golf have seen and probably have been in hazards that have a red or yellow stake. What do you do when you have entered these types of hazards and what are your options?

How to Improve Your Golf Swings – Lower Your Handicap

Improve your golf swings by analyzing, correcting, and practicing. Set up constructive drills for better practice sessions on the practice range. Stop topping the golf ball. See yourself break 80 by improving your golf swings.

Can You Really Improve Your Golf?

If you type the word “golf” into the Google search engine you’ll get well over 300 million results. The only other sport that fares slightly better, and is therefore slightly more popular is football. So what is about the game of golf that makes it so fashionable throughout the world?

As a Beginner, How to Improve Your Golf and Reduce Your Score

Many beginners to golf make the same mistakes. Here we analyze a few basic mistakes and how to overcome them.

Golf Slice Tips – How to Cure My Slice

The dreaded slice, the left to right curve in ball flight (opposite for left handers). This is a very common and troublesome problem. This can be caused by a wide array of actions and also corrected by a large number of solutions. I am going to explain in a little more detail exactly how this is caused and how to go about fixing your slice.

One Simple Tip to End Your Slice

I am often asked, “Why do I slice almost every shot?” While the real answer could be a million different things, the first place I look is their grip. Many, and I mean many, golfers have a weak grip.

Golf Training Aids – What is the Right Aid For a Novice Golfer?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience and practice in getting the right form and the right swing that will assure that the ball will reach the tee in the most efficient way possible. That is the ideal. On good days I make a lot of wild swings and almost always manage to make a detour on the rough before I could even reach the next green.

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