Storage And Drivable Golf Cart Covers

Now is a good time to get the golf cart cover for the rain storms that are coming. There are golf cart storage covers and drivable covers. The storage cover is a great way to keep your golf cart clean and out of sight during those winter months, you can also keep your clubs on the cart and cover them too, keeping them protected and out of sight as well.

The Mechanics of Putting

Putting is a game within a game. This is probably the least practised part of golf but ultimately the most important. This article talks about the the correct hold of the putterand the correct set up which leads to the correct club path.

Golf Tips – Swing Smoother For Straighter Golf Shots

If you’re struggling to find the fairway, there may be a simple explanation. Your swing may be too short and too quick. Sometimes, short quick swings throw off tempo and pace. Anytime you do that, you’re likely to hit a bad shot. Often, this happens because we’re trying to hit the ball too far, so we swing harder and faster instead of smoother and slower. If you think your swing is too fast and quick, set some time aside to work on regaining tempo and pace. Below are two drills that can help.

How to Hit a Driver Straight and Far – 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to hit a driver straight and far can greatly simplify the game of golf. You will have less club into the greens, hit more in regulation and lower your scores. Here are 3 simple steps to hit the driver straight and far every time…

The Advantages of a Hybrid Golf Club

Many golfers are finding that their 3 and 4-ions are hard to use. It feels as if the club demands an absolutely perfect swing or the ball will fly inaccurately. The answer is that many modern golf clubs violate the 24/38 rule that says the average male golfer cannot consistently hit a golf ball with a club that has less than 24 degrees loft and longer than 38 inches.

Hit Wedges Closer and Make More Birdies – 3 Simple Tips

Learn to hit wedges closer to the hole and you will make more birdies, plain and simple. The wedge is the scoring club. If you can hit it just a bit more online than previously before, you will be well on your way to dropping your scores dramatically. Here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind so you can start throwing darts from 100 yards and in…

Latest Golf Tips – Should You Use the Latest and Greatest?

You probably enjoy reading the latest golf tips on a regular basis, but should you be using every piece of latest equipment which comes out on the market? A good reason to try a new piece of equipment, which you might have read about in the latest golf tips, is when your performance is starting to decline. Using the latest golf club is not going to suddenly ensure that your drives are suddenly longer or your putts are better.

How to Putt Well When Golfing

Any golfer will tell you that having a good putt is imperative, but how do you learn to putt well? Actually, the answer to this is quite simple. Start doing some weekly putting drills.

How to Beat Those Chipping Yips

Do you think you might be suffering from the chipping yips? Don’t worry, because even professional golfers can be affected by the chipping yips. Some have even had their golf careers put into jeopardy because of putting or chipping yips.

The Best Way to Fix Your Golf Swing

If you are not happy with your golf swing, keep reading to find out how you can easily fix your golf swing. Make the time to practice before you head out for your next round of golf, you will be pleasantly surprised.

How to Improve My Golf Swing – Top Secret Tips!

I have been playing golf for many years and really love the game; however, I had to learn how to improve my golf swing. The reason being was that I was becoming frustrated with my handicap and was almost thinking about giving the game up.

Use the Correct Putter Grip to Become a Better Golfer

Every golfer holds their club differently, but using the correct putter grip will determine how far your shot will go. You should always be paying attention to how your hold your grip and the pressure you use before swinging at the ball.

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