Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Not all the people who wish to play golf have the talent and skills. Some of them just possess the willingness to learn more about the sport and follow simple golf tips. A good golfer must have the ability to execute golf swings pretty well. Having the natural golf swing is not a natural thing for people who love to play golf.

How To Manage and Maintain Golf Towels

When you take such good care of all your golf components, why leave golf towels behind? It is not enough to simply have a nice looking golf towel carted around with you. You must be able to keep it well too. Here are simple ways to manage them.

An Introduction To Different Golf Clubs

Any golf ‘newbie’ wants to know about the different golf clubs used in the game. At least, I wanted to; and yes, I was, and still am, a ‘newb’. The differences in their shapes, their lengths, and their thicknesses used to mesmerize me.

One Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Most people who play golf find that they want or need to improve their golf game. Even the top pros need to keep working on their game in order to keep progressing. I guess the only people that don’t want or need to improve their golf game are those occasional players who just like to walk the course with their friends for a bit of fun.

Choosing The Right Golf Equipment Will Always Improve Your Game

The amount of money that avid golfers these days will spend on their equipment beggars belief. The main principal behind the high cost of equipment comes down to product and brand range. The golf clubs are not the only high cost of golfing equipment, there is also golfing apparel, such as shoes ,golf bags, t-shits,leather gloves, caps, pants not to mention balls and trolley.

The Complete Golfing Review From It’s Humble Beginnings Through To The Modern Era

Man has always been attracted to pastimes involving hitting, throwing or kicking ball-like objects, although the actual origin of most ball games is lost in the mists of time. Golf is no exception and, while there are many theories surrounding the beginnings of the game, it is known that several different stick-and-ball games were played in medieval Europe. One such game was “pallemaille”, played in the streets of France and Italy using a mallet-headed club to hit a small wooden ball towards a target which was either on the ground or elevated. The popularity of the game spread to Britain and the first “palle-maille” court was built in central London in the 17th century on a site known today as Pall Mall.

How to Putt Better by Building Confidence on the Greens

In this article you will learn about a great exercise and different techniques to help you learn how to putt and build confidence on the greens. Being sure of yourself and having a confident putting stroke you will surly lower your handicap.

How to Begin Your Golf Game

Learn tips to help make your golf game better. Use these with your friends to teach them a thing or two.

Understanding the Analysis of Golf Swing

Golf is the royal one in the field of outdoor sports. The most appreciated thing in this royal sport is the swing as it is the most unnatural, explosive and complex movements made by the club. According to the sports medicine institute laboratory, golf swing consists of some basic different phases in it.

Top Five Destinations in the Caribbean for Golf

There are many golf courses scattered throughout the Caribbean, with varying degrees of difficulty, some included as part of golf resorts, and some that are just part of a local club open to the public. Golf vacations are popular and having some advanced information about where might be the best places to visit to combine golf with a vacation or business trip can go a long way to making for a more enjoyable experience.

Some Tips for Golf Swing

Golf is the royal sport attracting people over years in many countries all over the world. Thousands kids dream of becoming a pro golfer because of the royal sophisticated environment airing around the game and the amount of money rolling over this aristocrat sport. Many of us always dream to make our own swing with the club while encouraging a master stroke of a golfer.

Basics for Golf Swings

Golf is one of the most sophisticate and aristocrat games introduced ever in the history of sports. This game originated in the historical era when participants used to hit a leather ball with a bent stick. The modern version of this game was introduced in the 15th century in Scotland.

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