Rory Mcilroy’s Eye Opening Tip That Will EASILY Lower Your Scores #Shorts

Simple Golf Tip – The Green-Eyed Monster and Winning in Golf

Comparing yourself to others in golf is NOT jealousy, not is it a bad golf psychology. I get this question a lot from golfers who think that comparing themselves to peers – and wanting to beat them – is wrong.

What Material is a Golf Driver Made From?

The golf driver is the very first club you will use in the game of golf (unless you are playing mini-golf, in which case there is only one type of club used, anyway). You use the driver to tee off at the beginning of each hole. The shape of the driver is characterized by having a flat face and a bulky wooden head.

Golf Clubs – Shopping Used Or New

If you inherited golf clubs which are twenty or thirty years old you may not want to play golf. Technological advances in the last decade have engineered golf clubs and golf balls to be easier for new players. Should you compare the inherited clubs with the clubs of today you would definitely see and feel the differences and admire former golf professionals for their accomplishments.

Golf Tips – Can Online Tips Help Your Game?

Can tips you find on the internet really help you improve your golf game? Find out what to look for when visiting golf websites that can help you win your game.

Anger on the Golf Course Will Destroy Your Card and Your Playing Pleasure

Anger will destroy your score card and get you a reputation as being immature and unable to control yourself. Pretty soon no one at the golf club will want to play a round of golf with you.

Are You Fit For Golf?

Stop the frustration of constantly losing your golf game! Get yourself fit for golf before you play and you’ll improve your game tremendously.

Finding the Best Golf GPS System – What Features Do You Need?

The popularity of golf GPS resulted in an explosion of GPS devices that are specifically made for golf players. This only increased buyer confusion in choosing the mobile GPS features that they need. So how do you choose the best one to accompany you this weekend? Although the answer basically depends on your personal preferences, there are factors that you should consider to make sure that a golf GPS is worth your time and money.

Planning a Golf Tournament

It isn’t easy to prepare for a golf tournament. In fact it can be downright overwhelming! There are a few steps though, which you can follow to make sure you have the best time possible.

Golf Confidence Was the Secret to a US Open Champion’s Conquest at Pebble Beach

When Irishman Graeme McDowell won the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach he displayed the brand of golf confidence that every champion golfer possesses when they win big tournaments. He was cool under pressure, and able to execute his golf strokes with a high degree of personal control. I believe that any golfer who has a high degree of self-belief, and a mindset that is marked by self-assurance, freedom from uncertainty, embarrassment and doubt has a high degree of golf confidence.

Learn to Trust Your Unconscious Mind to Produce Your Best Performances

The time to put your conscious analytical mind to work is on the practice ground not on the golf course. In practice you can work with your coach on swing mechanics which you may need to change in order to simplify your swing and get more consistency. If you use your analytical mind on the golf course and try to force a good swing out of yourself things are going to go pear shaped rather quickly and you may end up throwing your score card in the nearest trash can in disgust.

Learn to Play Confident Golf – Stay in the Present and Swing Away

When you free yourself to play unrestricted, unworried golf you free yourself of many poor shots caused primarily through thinking incorrectly which translates into tension and bad swings. We also call this “Getting out of your own way” and it is the only way to achieve your best on a consistent basis.

Secrets of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing Success

Have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods is so good in his game? How can he be consistent every time he plays? What are the critical things he do that others fail to do that make him a celebrity and star in the golfing arena?

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