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How To Correct Golf Slice in 8 Simple Steps

A lot of material has been written on how to cure the dreaded slice. Rather than go through all the tips you’ve already heard dozens of times before, I have put together a simple step-by-step guide to cure your slice once and for all.

How To Fix Fat, Thin and Topped Golf Shots

At the top of most golfers’ “to fix” lists — right after the slice and hook — are the fat golf shot, thin golf shot, and/or topping a golf shot. The good news is, these common problem areas can be easily fixed with minor adjustments.

How To Read Greens Like a Golf Pro

Have you ever watched the pros read a green and wonder how they did it? Well, it’s not as hard as it looks. Here are 5 useful tips to help you read greens like the pros:

How To Hit a Golf Ball 50-100 Yards Farther Within 30 Days

As you probably already know, one of the fastest ways to add 50-100 yards to your drives is to move up to the bigger 460 cc drivers. Over the last several years, driver heads and weights have been increasing. Currently, the USPGA has put a limit on drivers of 460 cc. So, for the time being, this is the largest driver you can use legally.

Best Golf Warm Up Exercises To Slash Your Score

Warming up your muscles and joints before a round of golf is essential to good performance. Most importantly, it reduces the possibility of injury during play. Countless golfers have hurt their lower back, neck, or shoulders on their very first drive because they did not take the time to loosen up. Warming up also helps you play better! When your muscles and joints are loose, you have better flexibility, and this can equate to longer and more controlled shots.

How to Hit a Draw Golf Shot in 5 Easy Steps

How would like to add a nifty shot to your golf swing arsenal, improve your score, and impress your golfing buddies at the same time? “The draw” is just the golf shot to learn. A draw is a controlled hook shot. The flight path takes off straight, bends a bit to the right, and then curves left.

How To Putt Like A Pro and Never Miss a 3 Foot Putt

Have you ever walked up to a short, 3-foot putt thinking to yourself, “This is a piece of cake” only to miss it? If you have been playing for any length of time at all and if you are honest, your answer would have to be yes!

How To Hit A Driver Straight Off The Fairway

This tip is not for everyone. Those who are new to golf should file this tip away for a couple of years until they have gained some experience and confidence. But for those who have been playing for awhile and have honed their fundamentals, using the driver off the fairway can be a very powerful tool.

5 Common Golf Mistakes and How To Fix Them

If you took 100 average golfers and watched them over a period of time, I’d bet that you would find a few common mistakes they all make at one time or another. Over decades of playing this game, I’ve come to place golf swing mistakes into two categories: the “oops” category and the “not again” category.

How To Hit A Straight Tee Shot

Here are some tips to help you get the most off of your tee shots and make it go straighter. It does not matter if you are hitting your driver on a long par 5 or hitting your 9-iron on a short 3 par, you have to visualize the shot before making it.

Golf Swing – Some Tips

Many of you might have heard about the term “releasing the club” and its importance to the golf swing. If you are wondering how to do it, this article will definitely help you to do it. Releasing the club is simple. Set the club back and wither out your hands and let the club go. That is all about what the swing is. But the real big problem is when to do.

Mistakes In A Short Golf Game – Some Info

“What could go wrong?” It’s only a little shot – is the common comment for most of the golfers. These shots are just like the real swing and there is no difference. These short range shots usually go wrong because of lack of fundamentals and discipline. This article will give a brief lesson about the fundamentals of the short range shots.

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