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Golf is All in the Mind

Do you talk to yourself while you play golf? Self-talk, also known as internal dialogue or interpersonal communication, is one of the main functions of our conscious being. It allows us to make sense of our conflicting ideas and to express our thoughts and feelings to ourselves.

Golf Instruction Tips – How to Know If You Are Taking Lessons From the Right PGA Pro!

Are you thinking about taking some golf lessons or maybe you have already started and you are unsure of what to expect? Do you want to know what you should be getting for your money? There are many schools of thought on how to swing a golf club, but that does not mean that you should end up with a bad PGA Pro. Here are some golf instruction tips that will help you make sure you are getting your moneys worth at every lesson.

Beginner Golf Tips – Making it Much Easier to Learn Golf As a Beginner!

If you are thinking about taking up golf, but you are unsure where to start, then you need to get some advice or you might head down the wrong path. Too many beginners have no idea where to start and that is why these beginner golf tips have been compiled for you. These tips come from a graduate of the Golf Academy of America, which some believe holds more value than a PGA member. Here are the tips you are after and make sure you pay close attention.

Golf Tips on How to Pick the Right Iron

There are a vast amount of irons that advertiser say will improve your swing. If you don’t know how to use an iron or what they do though, there’s not much to improve on. Irons are ranged from a 3-9-this is generally based on how big the head is, which effects how far your ball will go. So instead of buying the really and exorbitant expensive irons, you can pick some nice ones for the purpose you need them.

Golf Tips – What to Do During a Swing

Are you ready to get the perfect hole-in-one but you can’t get as far hitting the golf ball? It sounds like your swing may need a little improvement. There are a few golf swing basics that all beginners should know before stepping onto the green.

The Importance of Your Golf Swing Grip For Putting

The grip is the foundation of your golf swing and developing the right grip is critical to your success in hitting the ball farther and straighter. There are many different grips out there that you can use. Here are few common grip types.

Choosing a Ladies Golf Set

Golf is now more popular than ever and there are vast amounts of women who are taking up the sport. Golf is a fantastic way to meet new people and to get fit. However choosing a new golf set is extremely challenging and frustrating.

What You Need to Know About a Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid golf clubs are cutting edge in the golfer’s world. With these very forgiving hybrid irons, many people are finding their game, or getting it back. Hybrid golf clubs have become so popular in the recreational golfer world, that over 50% of professional golfers have added a few hybrid irons to their golf bag in order to improve their own game. These hybrid irons are made by nearly every large name manufacturer in golf today.

Which Golf Swing Training Aid Should You Use?

The golf speedometer is a great tool that can fix many problems in your swing. One of the main faults in peoples swing is a lack of consistency.

Online Golf Instruction – How Happy Are You With Golf Swings You Make?

Just like any sportsman, golfers are always on the move trying at anything to improve the game as well as the swing i.e. learning about tricks of online golf instruction. It is every golfers hope that those strokes that stands in their way are gotten rid off; it wont matter how hard you are trying to get over the a hundred mark.

Gravity Golf

Gravity golf is a definition given by David Lee who is a leading golf instructor and swing technologist referring to a style of golfing that is used by many major golf players in the world. Before he came up with the term he observed that golf had at least five ways of doing a swing and so he singled out players and the type or rather different method of executing a golf swing. According to him he came up with at least five theories of practically carrying out a golf swing successfully.

How to Cure a Slice

A golf slice can be a serious set back during you golf tournaments but learning how to cure it could make you be categorized among the world’s best golfers. Learning how to cure a slice has been of great help to many prominent golfers. Why should you get disappointed if you could just get some few tips to solve your golf slice problems? It is inappropriate to have your swing result into a slice neither is it appropriate if the club you choose will make you slice the golf ball. So how do you cure a slice?

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