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Tips For Improving Your Golf Game

Does your golf game need a little help? No matter how good someone is at the game of golf, everyone can use a good tip now and then. This article will provide you with tips for improving your golf game. Whether you’re a beginner, a junior golfer or a seasoned amateur, the following will be beneficial to you.

Better Golf For Beginners – The Way You Set Up the Ball Determines How You Will Swing

H.J. Whigham wrote the first golf instructional book to be published in the United States in 1897. This detailed tutorial was entitled How To Play Golf. Whigham, winner of the 1896 and 1897 US Amateur Championships, stressed the importance of the set up.

Tiger Woods – Will His Personal Issues Affect His Product Endorsements? You Might Be Surprised!

Tiger Woods is the most recognizable athlete in the world. He is also the wealthiest. The vast majority of his wealth comes from product endorsements. His recent personal issues will no doubt have some negative effect on his relationships with some companies, but not as much as you might think.

Golf Beginners Tutorial – The Very Best Way to Lower Your Scores is to Improve Your Short Game

There has never been a really good golfer with a bad short game. But there are some mediocre players that are above average golfers because they have a strong short game. It’s all about getting the ball in the hole.

Better Golf For Beginners – Grip, Alignment, Posture, and Ball Position Are Critical to Good Golf

The Set-Up is what happens before the golf club is drawn back, before it ever moves an inch. The elements of the Set-Up are grip, alignment, posture, and ball position.

Escape Trouble With the Chunk and Run

Trapped in deep rough around the green? Getting out of unusually deep green side rough is easier than you may well think. Employ the Chunk and Run to leave yourself on the putting surface.

Golf Tips For Beginners – The First Steps in Learning Golf

Learning the game of golf can be exciting. Aside from being relatively easy to practice because it does not require too much physical strength unlike other sports, learning the game of golf can also be fun and rewarding.

Golf Tips on Driving That Perfect Shot

It’s a common misconception that driving is all about the power. While driving is largely focused on it, there are many other fundamentals that need to be perfected before you send your ball flying. Fixing the basic swinging steps is a good place to start your improvements.

How to Swing Your Golf Club Techniques and Drills

The correct golf swing sequence is typically made-up of three different parts: the backswing, down stroke/contact, and the follow-through. These three things require the proper training exercises and drills to allow your body to move the proper way.

Beginner’s Golf – A Guide to Being a Better Player

Learning the process to improve your golf game could take a little time, but is well worth the effort. You must be willing to practice, often and allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. The golf swing is a very unnatural movement and feels awkward at first, but it’s important that you don’t get discouraged too early because this is common.

The History of Golf and Golf Equipment

Golf has been around since the 15th century. It was originally started on the coast of Scotland. Back then players would hit a pebble around the sand dunes using a stick or club.

Sure Ways to Improve Your Golfing – For Beginners

The golfing experience may seem like you have a lot of difficult swings to maneuver-which there are some-but that isn’t always the case. For the beginner you would need to know the basics of golfing before you can get that far. If you tend to slice the ball a lot, you can usually fix this by correcting your stance and posture.

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