Golf Swing Technique – 5 Tips to Escape Those Bunkers

Do sand traps attract your ball like a magnet when you’re out on the golf course? There is an inevitability that at some point you will find your ball has found a sand trap. Use these 5 tips to save shots every time…

Good Golf Swing – Secrets to Have a Good Golf Swing with 5 Simple Techniques!

Having a good golf swing will definitely make your golf game interesting and fun. To have a consistent perfect golf swing throughout the game is the best feeling ever.

Golf Swing Trainer – The Perfect One

Do you want the perfect golf swing trainer? I found the perfect swing trainer a number of years ago and I still use it to tune up my swing.

Finding a Great Golf Teacher

If you have decided that it is time for you to start working on your game with a golf teacher, you are going to want to find the right one. You will want a teacher that has a few critical elements to their teaching style.

Phil Mickelson Claims Yet Another Green Jacket

The 74th edition of the Masters tournament began on the 8th of April 2010. The event had gained the world’s attention, as it was the tournament where Tiger Woods decided to return to professional golf after a 4 month hiatus.

Amy Mickelson Returns to Change Phil’s Fortunes

Last year when Phil Mickelson was getting ready for his favorite Major, the US Open, a tragedy hit his family. His beloved wife Amy Mickelson became a victim of breast cancer and Phil took an indefinite hiatus from professional golf to take care of his wife.

A Golf Strategy – Lower Your Handicap the Easy Way

When we watch golf on television, we’re watching the best golfers in the world. We can learn a lot about how to play the game by watching them, but we must keep in mind that they way they attack a golf course is based on their highly developed skills. Recreational golfers need a different approach.

Correcting a Bad Slice

So how is your golf game? Are you “out of practice” like Tiger? It’s the beginning of the season and most people are.

Practice Versus Competition in Golf – Truth is There is Only Ever One Game!

Now of course, this tells me that at some level, the player believes he/she has two games. The reality is that you only ever have one game, so for me, my answer is always the same.

Get Into the Groove – Keeping Your Club Face Clean is One of the Keys to Successful Iron Play

It might have escaped everybody’s notice but keeping the club face clean on your golf clubs is critical to maintaining consistency when playing your shots. The Taylormade XFT Lob Wedges have a fully exchangeable face to keep the grooves at ultimate performance.

Knowing Better Golfing Clubs and Brands

With numerous yet unusual golf club brands to select from, a review can be converted into your best buddy as it can demonstrate you which brands supply the most excellent features. In actual fact, a review becomes particularly sensible as it assists a learner golfer who has up till now appreciated the tinges of golf. The review aids them to get trained on how to create their primary club acquisition.

Where to Begin With Golf?

Golf, when starting out can be quite daunting and this is where people make the most mistakes. The first thing people do is go and get some clubs…

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