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Learn an Easy 3 Step Process to Master Golf’s Inner Game and Play at a Whole New Level

Think a good Golf swing is all it takes to be a great player? Ask Jim Furyk if a slight mental lapse can have an impact on your score! Don’t be the guy who chunks it in the water or loses by missing the 4′ putt when the heat is on. Take your game to a whole new level by using the power of the Mental game to be your best when the pressure’s on.

An Overview Of Golf Rangefinders

Rangefinders have been around for quite a few years now, but it is only since the advance in technology, that they become so popular. If you want to start using a golf rangefinder as part of your golf game, there are two different types of rangefinder that you can purchase; GPS or laser. This golf rangefinders overview will explain the main differences between the two.

Golf Popularity Through The Ages

Although golf popularity has waxed and waned over the centuries, golf itself is one of the oldest, continuous sport forms in all of history. Although earlier golf-like sports appeared elsewhere, the modern form of the sport arose in Scotland and…

Polara Golf Ball

Is the Polara golf ball “new” option for golf? Most golfers know about Polara and the Polara ball, if not, more than 70 percent of them are surely aware of these balls because these are a kind of “magical” ball.

How to Initiate Your Child to Golf the Right Way

At what point should you start teaching your child golf? Obviously this is a question that varies from case to case, but mostly depends on the child, and hardly any on the parent. Most parents have the inclination to try and tap in to the child’s talents, and feel it is their job to promote them teaching them golf swing basics and other golf course issues.

Golf Short Game Secrets

This article describes a special golf instruction technique which develops the golf swing fundamentals in an easier better assimilated technique than is the norm for the golf industry. The program is appropriate for all golf skill levels.

Practice Makes Permanent

If the principles that you are practising are incorrect, practice will still make permanent. Practice does not guarantee improvement. You must ensure that what you are working on is absolutely correct. There is no point at all putting in 5+ hours of practice a week if you are doing the wrong thing. Pick the right time to practice.

Looking After Your Body and Preventing Injuries to Play Great Golf

You can play great golf and enjoy the game immensely if you spend some time on improving your body’s physical fitness to allow your body to perform the necessary movements for an effective golf swing. You can also limit the amount of injuries that you may experience if you work on improving strength in your body.

Problem Solving in Golf

This article discusses various methods for problem solving during your round of golf. The step by step process outlined will help any golfer develop better on course problem solving skills.

The Importance of Finding the Best Golf Clubs and Golf Equipment

Golf is a sport that requires great focus and good skills in order to succeed on the field. Having the best equipment will certainly help your game. Find out what you should look for when researching finding cheap golf clubs deals and offers for top brand golf club sets.

It Takes More Than Talent to Be a Superior Golf Tutor

So you think you would like to teach golf to young or novice golfers. Most golf instructors will tell you they love what they do, but that’s because golf instructors who don’t love what they do are not, or should not be golf instructors for long. It certainly takes knowledge, experience and skill to teach the game properly. But it also takes patience and a passion for the game.

Basic Golf Lingo Explained

At one point in time, you have probably experienced standing behind a guy about to hit more par-3 greens. Or, have been to an awkward silence while looking at the golfer who, after lipping out a 12-footer, curses his luck and hits his club audibly against his shin. Then you suddenly ask yourself the question, “What is really going on?

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