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2 Reasons Why You Should Give Inner Game Golf A Try!

Why is it when we play golf we try to emulate the people at the very pinnacle of the sport? The answer to this can be found in the masses of publications on golf tips that have been forced on every golfer, including myself. We have all been brainwashed into believing that we should and could swing like the elites of this sport. In fact, the vast majority of the articles I have ever read are rather adamant that there is no other way. They have however made a simple and very annoying mistake when they have published these golf tips. They have forgotten to mention that the top players need to stretch and practice for hours and hours every single day to achieve consistency for the complicated and intricate movements required for their level of proficiency.

Golf Driving Made Easy

Many golfers, no matter how hard they try or how often they practice, have inconsistencies when it comes to golf driving and in playing golf in general. No one really knows how golfers like Tiger Woods do it – perhaps it is simply their God-given natural talent that most of us could only dream of having. However, there is a product out in the market that promises to help golfers on their problematic golf drive exhibition reduce a player’s handicap by 12 strokes within weeks as well as a whole bunch of other things.

Callaway X22 Irons – Help You To Deliver Better Performance

Callaway Golf Company is an American-based sporting goods company which specialized in golf. They produce various golf equipments, such as the woods, irons, wedges, putters, etc. They even licensed their name for other products like apparel, footwear and golf accessories. Callaway is famous for producing high quality products which are loved by many golfers. When it comes to making a great golf driver, Callaway is the market leader starting as far back as when the drivers were still made of hickory shafts. One of its best products, the Callaway X22 irons were even named as Golf Digest’s Hot List in the Game Improvement Irons category.

Putting Stroke – Selecting the Right Putter for Your Style

There are so many putters out there nowadays with countless blade styles and shaft lengths that it can be very difficult and daunting to select the right one. This article provides some useful guidelines to help you select the right putter for your individual style.

Golf Gambling Games: Skins

Another popular golf gambling game that is simple to play is “Skins.” In fact, throughout the professional golf season, the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour even have Skins Games they play against each other in actual competition.

Tiger Dethroned, Westwood New No 1

Well, it happened. It took a lot longer than most of us had thought. Or did it?

Tips For Choosing Golf Equipment

Whether you are a beginning golfer or have greatly decreased your handicap over the last year through constant play, you know that having the right equipment to suit your individual style is absolutely essential to experiencing an enjoyable day on the course. Fall short in your gear, and you’re bound to feel nothing but frustration: and that takes all the fun out the game, doesn’t it? Here are some quick tips for choosing the golf equipment that’s absolutely perfect for you.

Buying Discount Golf Equipment Online

If you are like most golfers, you need to feel it, touch it and swing it before you buy it! Avid golfers have absolute love affairs with their equipment, and no wonder: the quality of the clubs, balls and even apparel you use can affect every facet of your game. But you don’t have to pay top dollar in pro shops to feed your passion: you can buy discount golf equipment online and be satisfied as long as you follow these tips.

NEW Golf Instruction – Using the Large Muscles to Control Your Swing

New Golf Instruction? Yes! Traditional golf instruction has many flaws. After teaching 19 years as a PGA Instructor, I discovered many more reliable ways to setup and hit a golf ball using the Large Muscles to control your swing.

Chiropractic and Golf – Why an Upper Cervical Evaluation May Help Your Handicap

I live next to a golf course in Littleton, CO and there is one thing to say about golfers: they are diehards. Even when there is snow on the ground, they are out swinging. Which means it’s never a bad time to talk about golf and NUCCA chiropractic care. Especially when you consider that most of golf’s professionals visit a chiropractor.

Hawk E-Z-Go Powered Golf Caddy For Easy-Going at the Golf Course

The Hawk E-Z-Go powered golf caddy is a fine piece of engineering from E-Z-Go. The rugged design of the trolley makes it almost indestructible and allows for everyday use at the golf course. The simple operation of the trolley, along with the included score card and beverage holders, will give the owner many trouble-free rounds of playing at the golf course.

Golf Courses of the World – The Best Places To Play

The amount of quality golf courses that are surfacing on a world wide scale is continuing to increase. The quality landscaping those golf courses tend to maintain means that more and more people are prepared to use their land for it. Alongside this, the game is becoming increasingly popular, so there are more golfers looking for places to play.

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