I used this GOLF DRILL to TRANSFORM my STRIKES you should too

How to Drive the Golf Ball 300 Yards

3 power secrets that will have you driving the golf ball further than you ever have before. These tips, passed down from a pro, had me clearing the fence at my local driving range within a few days.

How to Drive the Golf Ball Further

Two of my best tips to get that extra 20 or 30 yards from the tee. Not only will your scores come down, but you’ll earn bragging rights at the 19th hole!

What is the Proper Way to Swing the Golf Club?

As golf is all about consistence and being able to replicate your swing time and time again under all sorts of different conditions, it follows that there is a swing technique that is generally recognized to be the easiest to follow. That’s not to say that you can’t be a professional golfer with a swing that goes all over the place.

Why Choosing the Right Golf Ball is So Important

Most golf experts say that by choosing the right golf ball, a golfer can better his game quite easily. This, however, does not mean that you have to search for the most expensive golf ball used by well known golfers such as Tiger Woods. All you need to do is identify the most appropriate golf ball for your game.

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed – Try These 5 Yoga Poses For Faster Swing Speed

Flexibility and core strength go hand in hand with golf swing speed. So if you want to increase your golf swing speed and start ripping drives longer, then follow this simple 5 yoga pose guide to increased golf swing speed…

Tips on Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners

When it comes to buying beginner golf clubs, price is certainly a factor. But there are other variables that you need to consider in order to get the right set. That’s the set that will provide the beginner with the best chance of learning quickly and correctly.

Trouble Shots – Five Tips For Handling the Toughest Shot in Golf For Duffers

Imagine the hardest shot you’ve ever faced. How well did you handle that shot? Is that the hardest shot you might ever face? What if there was an even more difficult shot? Discover the secrets to dealing with the toughest shot of all.

The Golf Mind – You Will Never Be Golf’s Master

In this article, we are going to discuss the proper golf mind. Most of us don’t have it. A few, like Tiger Woods, certainly do. Today, we will look at a few essential thoughts that you need to have to improve your golf game.

Five Keys to Making Your Swing Great

Most golf teachers can quickly tell if you have a solid golf swing. All they have to do is watch you swing. The ability to tell if you have a great swing isn’t instinctive. It comes from years of studying the swing’s mechanics and from giving hundreds of golf lessons and explaining golf tips. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to spot a great swing.

A Few Simple Golf Swing Exercises

Many golfers are looking for simple golf swing exercises but don’t really know where to find them. It can be a little difficult to find good ones but these are the methods I would choose. You can look online or ask a good golfer.

How to Learn the Proper Golf Swing

Anyone need some tips on how to learn the proper golf swing? There are a couple ways to learn: one could watch the pros, get a training course, and/or practice. Below I’ll try to explain each one so you can get the maximum benefit from each.

Golf Swing Tips – Top Five Tips to Eliminating the Fat Shot Forever For Duffers

Embarrassing! Don’t you just hate it when you hit a fat shot making the dirt fly instead of the golf ball? Uncover these secrets that will have you making pure contact in a matter of minutes. Learn these few steps and make fat shots a thing of the past forever.

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