I Completely Change my Golf Swing EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED

Putting With Confidence

A good putter can make up for less distance off the tee. Technological improvements help to add distance and straighen our drives.

Golf – Using Mental Focus to Improve Your Game

All golfers are constantly looking for that special something that will give them a competitive edge. Many athletes, including successful golfers, find that improving their mental focus using techniques such as visualization enhances their sports performance. Sharpening your mental focus will not only help improve your golf swing and putting skills, it is the key to improving almost every aspect of your golf game.

Golfing Tips – Reading the Lie of the Land

Playing golf as an amateur, we can dread hitting the ball into the sidelines where the longest grass is, and invariably most of our shots can seem magnetized to this part of the course in the beginning. It’s pretty strange seeing professionals being able to save a miserable tee shot from even the toughest lies only to drop the ball right onto the green mere yards from the flag stick.

Golf Swing Basics – The Process of Golf

To make quicker progress in the game, there are a few important tips that will reduce your handicap. Some golfers overlook the simple elements of golf, this is why they become increasingly frustrated with the game. Here is what I’ve found has helped me with my game.

Improving Your Golf Game Takes Time

Improving your golf game equals remembering your good shots and forgetting your bad shots. This statement is easy to say and it is hard to do.

Four of the Best Golf Drivers For Long, Powerful Tee Shots

An important skill in golf is making the controlled short distance shots and many of the frustrations for golfers can stem from these shots. Although people may stress out over a shot that falls just short of the flag it is the tee shot that sets you up for a good approach and so you need a good driver to ensure that you are left in a good position to make an easy shot on to the green or better yet, attack the flag.

The Refiner Driver

If you feel that your drive could use a little help, then you will want to think about an aid such as the refiner driver. This aid is designed to help your swing round out to form and you will notice within a few short hours of practice that it is worth every penny.

Are There Any Secrets For the Novice Golfer?

If you are planning to enter the golfing world, a few comments are in order. Do not assume that you can be proficient in a few days or few hours.

What Are the Clubs in a Golf Club Set

The Golf Driver sets the pace, the golf irons keep you alive, the putter gets you across the finish. What are they?

Junior Golfers and Golf Tips to Help Them Be a Great Golfer

Does you son or daughter have an interest in trying out for the golf team or you have a young child that you want to introduce to golf? I want to give you some golf tips to help them. Learn from a professional how to encourage them and not discourage them to excel at this great sport that molds healthy young people.

Golf Swing Help – Six Requirements of a Good Swing

The problem with golf is the difficulty in maintaining consistency from swing to swing. It is very difficult if not downright impossible for most golfers to make two swings in a row the same.

Steps to Help Achieve the 300+ Yard Tee Shots

Beginning at golf many golfers may find that they hit the ball more accurately with less powerful shots. This is usually because if we are focused on belting the ball as hard as possible then our stance can change, the speed of the swing can alter the swinging plane and usually end up with a shot that goes way off to the left or right, albeit very quickly!

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