How To Stop Hitting BEHIND The GOLF BALL

Three Golf Shots You Should Not Play Without

Everybody knows that if you hit the ball straight and putt the lights out, you’ll play a pretty good game of golf. Those are shots you need to play well. But your high scores are frequently the result of holes where you get in trouble and one thing leads to another. Here are three shots that will help you avoid those round-wreckers.

Chipping Golf Balls For Practice – The Proper Ways to Practice Chipping!

So, you might spend hours upon hours practicing your golf game, but you are not getting the results you are hoping for. Why is it that when you are chipping golf balls for practice you do not seem to be getting any better on the course? There are many things you must know about chipping if you are trying to improve and there are many practice routines that can help you improve drastically.

How To Correct Golf Slice – A Step By Step Guide

Trying to correct golf slice yourself is a big issue with many people and can be extremely annoying. It’s a problem that will usually creep up on you if you’re not careful and don’t take the correct procedures. Golf professionals will usually tell you to take lessons with them or buy an expensive club from their shop. The fact is a lot of the time it will be quite expensive and it’s unlikely that you will be able to correct a golf slice on the first lesson…

Can Golf Swing Training Aids Help Your Game?

If you look at a professional golfer, you would think that they would need to use golf swing training aids, but you can bet that they use them all the time. After all, they didn’t get on the tour based on their natural ability alone – it takes work.

Will Golf Fitness Training Improve Your Golf Game?

George is a good looking guy and is pretty well-built, for a forty year old. He has always worked out and considers himself fit. But, because George always wants to be the best, he thought he would ramp up his fitness regimen a little in order to beat a few of his golf buddies.

A Day for History in Golf For South Africa

The Old Course at St. Andrews, the site for this year’s Open Championship is one of the most challenging courses on the tour. Of the twenty seven winners since the links made the rotation, nine have been Scottish and ten have been Americans.

Golf – A Game of Opposites

Golf is both a fascinating and challenging game. Those of us that play it sometimes love it and sometimes almost hate it. But we keep coming back.

What System Fixes Golf Slice?

Having a golf slice can be a frantic situation and leave many golfers upset and distressed. There are ways you can combat this very quickly utilising steps that have been proven to work over and over again…

A Balanced Golf Swing Is a Key To Consistent Ball-Striking

If you watch a professional golfer swing, one thing you notice, perhaps without being aware of it, is how gracefully they finish. They’ve completed a dramatic swinging movement that accelerates the club to speeds of 100 MPH or more, and yet they stand at the finish like they just stepped into a pose. How do they do that? One word. Balance.

The Best Places to Buy Golf Cart Parts

Do you need golf cart parts, but are uncertain where to find them? After buying a golf cart, then it’s highly likely that you’ll need to replace certain parts before you replace the golf cart itself.

Three Simple Tips to Cure Your Golf Slice

The golf slice is a very frustrating shot which most golfers have had to deal with at one time or another, trying to cure it can often be just as frustrating as the slice itself. However once you understand not only the causes of the slice but why those causes affect your shot so much it becomes so much easier to cure – in fact by just working on three things you can have fixed your slice in no time.

Hot Tips for Buying Golf Cart Parts

If you own a golf cart, then there will be times when you need to purchase golf cart parts. These are the nuts and bolts of the machine (sometimes, quite literally), so it’s crucial to take the right steps.

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