Golf Tips – Golf Putting Statistics

With the advent over the last couple of decades of new technology, it’s never been easier to look at sporting statistics for a whole range of sports. But for golf it’s of particular benefit to amateur golfers because they can compare many of their own golf statistics to the top professionals. It also means you can find your weak spots – although you probably know what these are… The question then is – are you working on improving your weak spots? That’s a question you need to honestly answer yourself!

Golfing Terms and What They Mean

There are several golfing terms that the average golfer uses on a regular basis. The tee box is the area at the beginning of each hole where the golfer starts playing from. There are typically different tee boxes for different skill levels, which are increasingly further from the hole.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Golf is a very interesting and highly addictive sport. But it is a little difficult to master too at the same time especially if you have just started playing. Achieving the perfect golf swing is the dream of every golfer and this requires a good understanding of the basic tips.

Top Golf Swing Tips and Mechanics

Accuracy is as important as speed in the game of golf. Unfortunately, most golfers tend to focus more on the latter than on the former which brings down the quality of their game. Improving your accuracy will enable you to achieve the perfect golf swing which is the best way to improve your performance each time on the grass.

Truth About Weight Training for Golf

Contrary to what other golfers believe, weight training for golf would not make you lose the feel of your golf game. In fact, you will be more in control of your body and your movements. You will also develop your balance which is very important when playing golf.

What Makes a Perfect Golf Swing?

The first thing that was taught to me about golf was that I need to just RELAX! In my personal opinion, this is something that most of us have simply neglected or have forgotten how to do. Playing golf is more than a hobby, it is a sport that is meant to be enjoyed and can relieve stress that has built up over the last week from work and maybe home, as well.

Golf’s Past Masters

The U.S. Masters Golf Tournament has been one of Golf’s longest traditions. This tournament is one of the main four championships played in golf once a year. Every year The Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia.

Exceptional Golf Ideas That Can Improve Your Game

Whilst the expert sport of golfing lacks the violence and noise of team sports, like hockey and football, it will challenge its players to blend their sustained physical power together with careful calculations as well as intense focus. To obtain an advantage with your competition, look at this choice of golfing suggestions and tricks.

Tiger Woods Picks Up His First Victory in Two Years

It is his first tournament title since a Thanksgiving night car accident in front of his home in 2009 that unspooled a scandal of extramarital affairs. Let’s first get the caveats out of the way: No, the Chevron World Challenge is not a regular PGA Tour event. But it is effectively Tiger Woods’ tournament; it was established to benefit his charities, and he is the host.

Ten Ways to Stop Giving Away Golf Shots

If you would analyze every round you play, stroke by stroke, I would bet you give away at least two strokes per side for no good reason. It doesn’t have anything to do with how well you hit the ball, but with how well you play the game. Here are ten good ways to prevent throwing away strokes.

Important Golf Instructions

Pitching in golf is actually one of the most important skill you need to learn because if you do not know how to pitch; you can never win a game of golf throughout your life. Taking note of each golf instruction is very important especially for beginners because it will help you master your craft latter on.

What Is Meant by Tempo Within the Golf Swing, and How to Achieve It

When we talk of tempo in the golf swing, we are talking about the glue that holds the swing together. In basic terms, it is the pace of the swing, and is dictated not by the arms or legs, but by the core of the body. It will be different for everyone, because everyone will rotate their body at different speeds, therefore everyone’s swing tempo will vary. And of course as you age, the speed that you will rotate your body will decrease.

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