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How Does Plumb Bobbing Help You Read Greens?

Although plumb bobbing is not an exact science it can be a useful tool to have in your green reading armoury. Find out how plumb bobbing works and how it can benefit you when reading putting greens.

How To Use A Long Putter

One of the most common faults amongst poor putters is having too much wrist action in their putting stroke. The long putter can help you to minimize this issue and help you to become a more consistent putter.

Golf Slicing Drill – Cure Your Slice For Good

One of the major causes of golf slicing is down to the path of the swing plane. Take some time out to practice with this great golf slice drill to help you to groove the right swing plane and eliminate that slice for good.

Golf Putting Rules – Top 3 Rules On The Putting Green

There are several extra rules of golf that apply to the putting green. Improve your putting performance by finding out what the 3 most important golf putting rules are.

Most Important Golf Putting Etiquette Rules

To get the most out of your golf game and get on with your fellow competitors it is important to understand the golf putting etiquette rules. Find out what the most important etiquette rules are on the putting green.

Golf Muscle Exercises to Create the Holistic Strong Golfer in You

One of Tiger Woods’ favorite lower body exercises is the leg press. It is an excellent quadriceps isolation machine. A golfer’s legs require a lot of working out because it keeps the balance and maintains the good posture as it supports the entire upper body. For effective golf muscle exercises on the lower body, you can do squats and lunges to develop more firm muscles.

Golf Slicing Tips – Any Flaws In Your Backswing?

Getting your backswing right is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of your golf shots. If you have a golf slicing issue then it may very well be down to some flaws in your backswing!

Golf Slicing – The Main Causes

Golf slicing is one of the most frustrating problems that many golfers face. Before you can cure your golf slicing issues it is important to understand what the basic fundamental causes are.

Can Adjusting Your Stance Fix Your Golf Slice?

Golf slicing can often seem like a complicated issue to unravel and overcome, and a lot of the time it can be. But sometimes it can be a simple little change that makes all the difference, like adjusting your stance!

Golf Workout Plan – Building Your Body Into a Mean Golfing Machine

It’s not enough or effective when you just start exercising without any direction, plan or goal. You will not only be exposing yourself to injuries but you will also hinder yourself from performing the proper golf swing when you play on the course. You should first and foremost have a schedule; a direction and a desired effect. It’s advisable to have a progress chart to help you check if you’re achieving the desired results.

The Myth of the Pendulum Stroke

Some contend there are only two styles of putting…straight back, straight through (rocking the shoulders/pendulum style) or the open to square to closed (rotational) style. I submit, there is a better way. Stroke path does not really matter. Putter face alignment is critical. Focus your mind and practice on how to strike the ball squarely.

Golf Slicing Tips – Can Your Grip Encourage A Golf Slice?

If you are suffering from golf slicing, then you may want to have a look at your grip position. Find out if your grip position is the culprit to your golf slicing problems.

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