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Golf Clubs Series: Transporting Golf Clubs

If one is thinking of starting a business of transporting golf cubs, then the first thing that has to come in mind is that the golf clubs normally do not differ much in their sizes and structures. However, in order to transport these items one has to get the supply of different styles, sizes and structures of golf clubs.

The Purpose of a Lift Kit for a Golf Cart

There are several different reasons why a person would choose to purchase a lift kit for their golf cart. Golf cart lift kits will dramatically change the appearance of your golf cart and can give you the option to give your cart a more personalized look. A lift kit can offer better ground clearance, better pulling traction, and even added strength and suspension to your golf cart.

5 Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

We golfers are always looking for ways to improve our game. We’ll do just about anything to shave a stoke or two off our scores. It’s an obsession…

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble Beach Golf Course in California is considered by many to be on the best golf courses in the world. Find out more about Pebble Beach.

Golf Club Series: Marketing of Golf Clubs

Marketing strategies are very effective in the field of golf courses. Some strategies that may look strong and give good results to one’s business, but after an interval, it may backfire. One of these strategies is the strategy of decreasing the prices of these golf courses. Because of such strategies, the particular company displays a poor image before its customers.

Golf Courses the Greats Would Sell Their Souls to Play On

Golf is one sport that transcends global boundaries. Unlike American or Aussie Rules football or any number of sports unique to a specific region, everyone plays golf. Golf courses are ubiquitous.

Learn How to Train Like Tiger Woods in the Off Season and Master Your Golf Game

You don’t have to be a Professional to train like one. Learn how to get the most from your off season and play the best golf of your life.

5 Golf Driving Tips to Fix a Slice

The common problem that golfers of all levels deal is slicing the ball off the tee. Without a doubt this hitting a slice costs golfers more strokes than any part of the game. When you miss the fairway because of your slice, it means having to play from the rough, out of trees, sand traps or worse, ending up in a water hazard.

Hit A Golf Ball

The distance that the ball will travel will totally depend on how you will hit it. Make sure that you keep the tips in mind for you to have a guide all the time. Keep these things in mind all the time for you to be guided on the things that you will do.

Top South African Golfers: The Past, the Present and the Future

Bobby Locke was the first South African golfer to make it big on the international golf scene. And the interesting thing is that all of his success (which included four Open Championships and slew of victories on the PGA Tour) almost never came about because of a mining career. He had always been a talented golfer and was playing off a scratch handicap at sixteen years old.

The Champions Tour Live

This article gives you an overview of “The Champions Tour” golf tournament and lists the great golf legends that have and are playing in this great competition. You can also read about the history of the tournament.

Learn The Rules Of Golf

There are various rules that must be remembered while you are playing golf. You have to make sure that you have a copy of the rules of golf for you to be able to play well. The tips mentioned will surely guide you. Keep them in mind as much as possible.

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