Get THROUGH The Golf Ball EVERY TIME With These Simple Steps

Golf Putting Yips – What Are the Causes?

If you are suffering from the dreaded golf putting yips, then you have my fullest sympathy. I have seen first hand how devastating this awful affliction can be. Not only does golf putting yips visibly ruin your golfing performance and enjoyment of the game, but it can also significantly dent your general confidence in other areas of life as well.

Simplify For Confidence

As you get better at golf, you will want to try too much too soon. Master individual shots one at a time; once you have mastered a shot or a club then add one more club. Confusion comes from trying to be good at too many shots at the same time. Get confident through perfecting your short game with one club around the green and then move on. In this article I explain my troubles with trying too much too soon and how I made a change for the better.

Tips to Get a Proper Golf Swing

Getting a proper swing is the prime aim of all golfers – a proper swing increases their chances of making it to the hole quickly and with minimum number of shots. But swing is also one thing that can take away the night’s sleep of a pro or even an amateur golfer.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Best Free Video Clips

Use of video clips to help you with you golf swing is becoming more and more common and is without doubt an excellent way to help you with your golf swing problems. Let’s face it, there is no better way to be trained than to be shown, and apart from a professional actually being stood next to you and guiding you, this is probably the best way of doing it.

Play Better Golf Now – It’s All in Your Head!

Golf really is a strange game, isn’t it? I mean, what keeps us coming back for more? You could have the worst day of your life out on the golf course, but if you hit even one or two decent shots, you will come back and play again. That’s really all it takes. Today I’m going to tell you how you can play better golf during your next round, so pay attention to these tips!

The Right Golf Swing Video and How it Could Change Your Game

There are many reasons why, having invested in a golf swing video in the past, you may not have seen the type of results that you were hoping for when you next made it out onto the course. So many golfers these days don’t get the results they were expecting from an investment such as this that they now believe that golf swing videos are not going to help them or that there must be something inherently wrong with all video based golf swing training.

Some Great Advice Regarding Golf Training Aids

The golf swing is the real centre point of a person’s golf game so if you are ever considering getting yourself a training aid to help you develop this aspect of your game you should really look into getting multiple solutions. There are just so many types of golf swing faults that in most cases it is going to be a challenge for a single training aid to address all of the issues or specific problems areas.

Play Bethpage Black Course Free

Few golfers get the chance to play a PGA Course for free. But now the USGA is giving players with any level golf handicap this rare opportunity using their computers. You can play Bethpage Black, the site of the 2009 U.S. Open Championship, for free until June 21 by going to the United Stages Golf Association’s Web site (usgaopen.com) and clicking on the Virtual U.S. Open link. All you need is your browser.

Becoming a Par Golfer Takes More Than a Good Golf Swing

Whether you are a part time golfer or someone that plays each and every weekend without fail you probably realise that it takes more than just being able to hit the ball properly in order to become a par golfer. Like other sportsmen, be it a football player, a jockey or boxer, you must realise that fitness play a massive part in your success on the golf course, and that without a well thought out and executed fitness plan you are unlikely to reach the lofty goals you have set for yourself.

Golfing Gifts For Your Favorite Golfer

Let’s start this article by pointing out that there is a difference between experienced and novice golfers. They have different wants and needs. The experienced golfer has been playing for awhile and has become accustomed to certain golfing gift items including types of golf balls, golf clubs, and other golf equipment while he or she is playing.

Power Hitters, Why It’s Not All About How Hard You Swing the Club

Are you one of those golfers who believes that the quickest way to developing a more powerful swing is to simply try and hit the ball as hard as you possibly can each time you swing the club? If so, how’s that working out for you, are you having much luck or do you find yourself struggling to keep the ball heading where it’s supposed to?

Golf Putting Tips – Essential Tips For Everyone to Play Golf Easily

Most of the people around the world are interested to play golf, and you can find numerous golf courses across the world. However, some of the people are interested to play this gold as a hobby and some of them playing as professionalism. Most of the people around the world are having much knowledge about the golf putting techniques and here is some important golf putting grip techniques and golf putting aids.

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