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5 Steps to Find a Golf Slice Cure

It is always difficult to find a golf slice cure. Pretty much everyone that plays golf wants to have a perfect basic golf swing but will find that copying other golfers swings usually leads to inconsistent golf. You can do everything correctly from your stance to your grip but if your swing has slice then it is far from perfect.

Where to Get Cheap But Superior Golf Clubs?

Golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world right now, one have to pay every time he or she wants to practice in the golf course, plus the equipments used in playing the sport are usually expensive. Advance Golf clubs for example, is one of the most expensive sporting equipment in the planet, and one golf club is not enough to play golf.

For Amazing Power and Accuracy Use This Old School Power Golf Move

I Love to play golf and have played recreational golf since 1990. I began to take the game seriously in 2000 and began to play competitive Golf. But for years I struggled to build a powerful and consistent repeatable golf swing that would give me the opportunity to putt for birdie or Eagle on most holes.

Tiger Will Win the Masters?

Well the Masters is upon us and everybody is going to tune in to see how Tiger Woods reacts in his first public tournament sense his hiatus from golf. Personally I hope he does well. It is one of the blessing in life to be able to observe excellence and skill of a truly gifted person whatever their craft.

Golf Short Game Drills Will Improve Your Score

Golf short game drills are practiced to make you a better golfer. A drill is a repetitive action that has the sole aim to burn the action into your memory and thus allow you to perform that same action time after time.

The Mental Side of Golf – Be Careful What You Say, It Affects Others

The mental side of golf, the way you think about your golf game and what you say about it can affect not only your performance, but the others of your group as well. When we play we need to be aware of the effect that our comments, descriptions of the course and our outward behavior affects the golf shots of others as well as ourselves. As we go through our round the comments that we make can form mental pictures for others.

Golf Swing Proper Technique – How to Play the Perfect Shot

The perfect golf swing is of course a very personal thing to each individual golfer because of their size, weight, habits, experience etc. but before I tell you what the golf swing proper technique is there are a few fundamentals you should get to grips with so you can better your golf swing immediately and start to make it a perfect one for you. Don’t try to smash the ball into next week.

What Do Gun Carrying Skiers Know That Will Make You a Better Golfer?

Golfing is nowhere near as rigorous as cross-country skiing but golfers who perform well must make dozens of transitions between using their big muscles on the tee and fairways and their small control muscles while putting and chipping from around the greens. Golfers must also make the immediate transition between socializing with their playing partners and focusing on making a golf shot under the critical gaze of the other golfers.

Proper Golf Club Grip Tips

The proper golf club grip can do far more to influence total ball trajectory than everything else in the golf game. For this reason we have started out with the proper grip. It’s actually the cornerstone of the swing, and a quick correction for those of you that have unsuitable golf ball flight shapes.

Golf Chipping – How to Chip a Golf Ball

The golf chip shot is possibly one of the most misunderstood and certainly score card wrecking plays in the game of golf. The fat shot or duff and the thinned skull across the green are both results of a poorly executed chip shot.

Golf Slice Cures – The 7 O’Clock to 1 O’Clock Golf Swing Drill

So you have a slice in your golf swing and it’s driving you to the point of distraction. You have tried to fix with a little help and advice from your friends, you know the stuff all one foot forward and standing like a broken duck, but nothing seems to work. You don’t enjoy your game any more and your confidence is at an all time low.

Golf – Mental Training – 5 Great Tips For Getting the Most From Your Next Round

To know the physical mechanics of golf is one thing the rest of the game comes down to actually performing. That is the part which so often breaks down. This important aspect of our golf game leads us on that wild goose chase to beat ourselves into submission on the driving range trying to hone our “muscle memory.”

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