Do This And The Backswing Will Seem Easy!

Characteristics Of A Good Golf Swing

Most golfers don’t improve because they focus on the wrong things when they are trying to improve their golf swing. This article discusses the basic characteristics of a good golf swing, and these have nothing to do with conventional wisdom.

Longest Par 3 in the World in South Africa

It’s located high on Hanglip Mountain and it’s meant as a novelty hole. It also has some very cool features that you won’t find on a typical golf course. For example, there are four cameras and the latest tracking equipment that allows golfers to follow and capture their tee shot and the flight of the ball.

How To Develop Effective Muscle Memory

The key to a consistent golf swing is effective muscle memory. A consistent golf swing is a product of your ability to abandon conscious control and allow muscle memory to take over. In this two part series, you will learn the secrets to developing optimum muscle memory and setting your swing on automatic pilot.

Junior Golf – First Tee Program

Those of you that watch professional golf on television have most certainly watched commercials which promote the First Tee Program. So, what is the First Tee Program? Does this program really work?

Junior Golf – Tricks on Scoring

As a parent of a junior golfer, I am constantly trying to evaluate my son’s golf game. Without trying to be “too pushy,” I often recommend some strategies that he can use to improve his game. I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts that I believe will help any golfer (these are in no particular order): Rule 1: When you get in trouble on the course (behind a tree, in the weeds, in a bunker, etc.

The Best Places to Shop for Golf Online

Like every industry, golf has taken its wares online. Clubs, balls, simulators, spikes, umbrellas, bags – you name the golf item and you can get it mailed online. While there’s nothing like having a great relationship with the local course’s pro shop, there are many benefits to doing your golf shopping at home and online.

Juniors In Golf – Focus and Concentration

Junior golfers sometimes have a big problem with focus and concentration. This article discusses tips on how to keep your golfer’s mindset on the task of playing golf.

Increase Swing Speed With 2 Simple Training Tips

The typical drive of the average golfer, despite all the latest and greatest technical developments in golf equipment, remains under 200 yards. By comparison, the PGA Tour average from year to year generally hovers around 285 yards – with the same equipment! If you had really gained the 15 yards that the commercial had promised you, every time you bought a new driver, you would be hitting over 350 yards every time by now!

5 Simple Tips to Play Better Golf and Have Lower Scores NOW!

In the end every golfer strives for a lower score. Every player wants to play better golf. Nevertheless many players get so involved with proper technique that they lose the sight for the simple things they can do to improve their score immediately. If you incorporate some of the following tips into your game I am sure that you can shave some strokes of your game pretty fast.

Find Budget Golf Clubs and Start Enjoying the Game

Golf has several benefits, and golf clubs or balls do not have to be expensive to be useful. Get discounted prices on golf items online and enjoy the advantages to your pocket, health, and concentration.

Lessons For Golf – Jr Golf Practice

This article is a simple plan for lessons for golf. The article discusses practice plans and simple strategies to help the Jr golf player improve their game.

Lessons For Golf – Jr Golf Driver Practice

In golf, you hit your Driver only 12-13 times per round. However, if you have a jr golf player, you know how difficult it is for your player to hit a good shot off the tee box using their Driver. On the long par 4’s (over 400 yards), that first shot is very important.

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