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The Various Types of Golf Games

While many may assume the game of golf is slow and dragged out, it is important to note that the various types of golf games available to you can offer a fun factor. Golf does not have to be a slow and monotonous affair, as so many young golfers are now finding out.

Golf Lessons, Improve Your Short Game

There are many different tools and resources available to the average golfer that involve effective coaching techniques to improve your short game. Golf lessons are necessary if you really are serious about becoming a better golfer or just simply want to lower your handicap.

Golf Divot Repair Tools

What exactly are golf divot repair tools? If we had to describe it then the best way is to have someone close their eyes and tell them to take two tines of a fork and attach it to a bar and bottle opener on top. What is it used for?

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly Like a Professional Does

Here are some essential tips that can help you learn more about how to hold a golf club. There are various kinds of grips that you can employ at the duration of the game.

Learn to Play Like a Pro – Top Tips on How to Play Golf

Are you interested in playing golf? But the problem is that you cannot play it nicely and you are tired of being the laughing stock in front of others. We all know that golf is one of the most interesting games.

Practicing at the Golf Driving Range

If you feel that your drive off the tee could use a bit of work, then why not practice at the golf driving range? This is a location where you have the opportunity to not only work on your drive however, as you can essentially bring all of your clubs to work with. This driving range practice site is designed like stalls and the golfer will place the ball on a small rubber tee.

Can You Play Quality Golf Without Fitness and Exercise?

Do you think it’s possible for an amateur or even a professional to do without fitness and exercise in the modern game and find their true golfing potential? Would they be able to continue to see improvement in their game and maintain a high level of consistency as well as enjoy each round that they play if they don’t spend any time maintaining or improving their fitness?

How You Can Improve Your Next Round of Golf by Achieving Better Posture

An area of improvement in golf that is sometimes the most overlooked is that of the golfer’s posture and their setup position prior to their swing. While most golfers are very likely to be aware of the impact a proper setup routine can have on their game in most cases they don’t consider how their posture can make a big difference.

Can Golf Fitness Training Make a Difference to Your Game?

It’s probably fair to say that any professional golfer playing today is highly unlikely to approach his or her game without the services a golf fitness trainer. The way in which the game of golf has changed recently means that it is no longer seen as purely a sport of leisure; nowadays people will admit that in reality golf is a sport played by athletes who need to be at the top of their game in order to be successful.

Cure a Golf Slice With This Tip

Struggling with a golf slice? Want to fix it? The secret to a straight shot is all in the follow through – read more to find out why, and how you can straighten out your shots in no time.

Golf and Why Your Back is So Important

It should come as little surprise to you that injuries to the lower back are probably the most common in the modern golf game, and when you really look into the reasons why it becomes even more clear why taking care of your back is such an important consideration for any golfer. When you look at the golf swing it quickly becomes apparent as to why it could easily be regarded as one of the most stressful activities you can expect your back to undertake. Essentially you are starting from a completely static position and then trying to rotate…

The Art of Golf and Breaking 80

Life is indeed a serious business. But you can decide to take as seriously the important business of joy.

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