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Golf Tips For New Golfers – 3 Tips to Not Look Like a Newbie on the Course!

So you have just decided to take up this great game, but you have a fear of going to the course because you do not possess the skill or proper golf etiquette needed to look like a seasoned player. I have been there, and I can tell you that everyone has to start somewhere!

Golf Swing Book Review

Detailed review of the Golf Swing Book. Is it as good as all the hype? Find out here.

2 Secret Beginner Golf Tips That Will Have You Breaking 100 Incredibly Fast

Golf is one of the few sports where you start out without a coach. When you learned to throw a baseball you had someone telling you that you threw like a girl or make sure you k the ball behind your ear and follow through. That kind of coaching is not common in golf. So unless you take lessons, it’s up to you to master the game yourself. Here’s two great tips to get you on your way to a better round of golf.

The Secrets of Great Golf Grip Techniques For the Beginning Golfer

Something as basic as how you grip a golf club can determine if the ball goes where you intended, or goes somewhere you wish it wouldn’t. Good golf grip technique can save you strokes and make the game much more enjoyable.

Hit Crisp Iron Shots Time After Time With These 3 Easy to Follow Tips!

It seems like most people who write about golf want to help you with your driver and your putter, and while no doubt these are important aspects of the game, iron play often times gets lost in the shuffle. Here I want to share with you 3 tips to help you hit crisp iron shots each time that you step over the ball. Follow these 3 tips and you will be shooting lower scores.

Titanium Hybrid Golf Clubs Are Exceptional Performers

There are many differences between a fairway wood and an iron, such as shaft length and swing distance, although both of them have their uses. Combining the best features of both is the titanium hybrid golf club, which offers golfers distance in addition to playability on nearly any surface. The shaft is shorter than a fairway wood, allowing golfers to use a harder swing in the rough.

Reflexology Improves Putting?

Most players will tell you that golfing is primarily a mental sport and that maintaining concentration during eighteen holes is the pinnacle challenge. Especially, if friends playing alongside you have the ability to shatter your nerves by getting inside your head with pot-stirring comments.

Categories of Golf Gifts

What types of golf gifts are available on the market today? What are the various categories that they fall into? We’ll answer these questions now…

How to Hi Polish a Cameron Putter – Easy Tips on Cleaning Scotty Cameron Putter

Scotty Cameron Putter is the most well respected and gained the reputation of producing the finest putters in the world. Yes, they are expensive but offer golfers great satisfaction. Scotty Cameron Putter offers everything a golfer needs. Any golfer can relate and rely into this putter even beginners. This putter is expensive with high performance that is why it needs to be taken care of. After a long day of giving you top performance in the game, putter deserve a loving touch from the golfer. Any golfer should know how to take good care of his putter for it to stay long and give him solid performance.

How to Get the Top Golf Accessories

A vast number of choices are opened to you when you decide to buy golf accessories. Your reasons for getting the accessory are of extremely high importance. Maybe you wish to impress your golf partners or perhaps do you want novelty for entertaining you whilst you wait for your turn.

Tips on Customizing Your Golf Cart

Are you tired of looking at your boring golf cart every time you play golf? Don’t you wish you could spice it up a bit and give it some character?

Golf Fitness – Exercises For Golf

Golf can be a more physically demanding sport than most people think. Proper exercises for golf can help strengthen a golfers upper body, lower body and core muscles.

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